Portable plasma device for manual cutting and welding MULTIPLAZ 3500

  • Portable plasma device for manual cutting and welding MULTIPLAZ 3500 (MP3500-010-01)

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    MULTIPLAZ 3500 is a portable multi-functional plasma device for cutting, welding and soldering metals and other materials that was a result of a worldwide invention by Russian scientists.

    The plasmatron, produced by our company, efficiently and effectively substitutes a large number of tools, such as:

    • Hacksaw,
    • Cut-off disk,
    • Sheet or nibble shears,
    • Blow-torch lamp,
    • Gas burner,
    • Thermo fan,
    • Welding inverter or transformer,
    • Laser cutter,
    • and many others.
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The advantages of MULTIPLAZ method

  • Does not require fuel or inert gases and compressed air - without the cylinders of gas and no compressor for compressed air needed.
  • Low sensitivity of welding process to length of arc – cathode to work clearance: much lower than that conventional TIG welding.
  • Low sensitivity of welding process to wind at work in open areas and air draft in closed areas. High velocity plasma shield that replaces inert gas shield is insensitive to external air flow.
  • High speed: often 400% higher than that of conventional TIG welding.
  • Reliable penetration with the keyhole method.
  • Butt welds possible in thick materials (8 mm) without fillers.
  • Fusion welding possible in thin materials (0.3 mm).
  • Low weld convexity and root bead. This is particularly beneficial when welding structures will be subject to fatigue loading in addition  to reducing the work required in other welds where the weld convexity and root bead would be otherwise have to be ground away. Plasma welding of 5 mm austenitic stainless steel produces a weld convexity of about 0.3 mm and root bead of about 0.2 mm. Increasing thickness of the steel to 8 mm results in corresponding respective thickness of 0.7 mm and 0.6 mm.
  • Low heat-affected zone and little distortion.


Areas of application

Today, this device is successfully used in operations with hyperfine car steel, in housing and communal services, construction-and-assembling and many other works.

The MULTIPLAZ 3500 device is highly efficient for pipeline, heating and central-heating systems, power supply systems, assembly and roofing maintenance; for plumbing; for the repairs of refrigerators, air-conditioners and ventilation systems.

This device is indispensable for operations performed in water trenches, underground tunnel engineering operations, assembly of all kinds of underground utility systems, for the use on board ships of any type and is also widely used in the nuclear industry, etc.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 may also be used for:

  • separating gouging and hole-making, perforation, soldering, melting;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete and other materials, local heating;
  • as well as for stone-working and glass fabric preparation.
  • The device can be used to make patterns (paintings) on ceramics and concrete, ones creative ability can be realized in working with metals and non-combustive finishing materials.
  • It is also used to overcoat, modify surfaces (for cutting edges) hardening, concrete surface polishing (to reduce its hygroscopicity), to remove crud from metal structures and to protect them and to recycle waste.