Portable plasma device for manual cutting and welding MULTIPLAZ 3500 (MP3500-010-01)

Portable plasma device for manual cutting and welding MULTIPLAZ 3500

MULTIPLAZ 3500 is a portable multi-functional plasma device for cutting, welding and soldering metals and other materials that was a result of a worldwide invention by Russian scientists.

The plasmatron, produced by our company, efficiently and effectively substitutes a large number of tools, such as:

  • Hacksaw,
  • Cut-off disk,
  • Sheet or nibble shears,
  • Blow-torch lamp,
  • Gas burner,
  • Thermo fan,
  • Welding inverter or transformer,
  • Laser cutter,
  • and many others.

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MULTIPLAZ 3500 is an invention that was awarded the Grand Prix Prize in the Geneva World Invention Salon.

For the first time in the history of the metal working industry the technology of generating plasma from a special mixture has made it possible to develop a new absolutely safe portable powerful plasma device for treatment of metal (cutting, welding, soldering, hardening, coating and etc.).

The MULTIPLAZ 3500 consists of plasma torch and electronic power module that weights only 9 kg!

Plasmatron’s functioning principle is as follows:
Once the torch is filled with the proper fluid, the power supply is connected, and voltage is applied to the cathode (the ON button is pressed), the operator can cause the torch to produce an arc by pressing the start button briefly. This results in the cathode shorting to the torch nozzle. As the start button is released, an electric arc is produced between the cathode and nozzle. Arc energy heats the nozzle, which in turn heats the evaporator, which causes the fluid to heat and turn into steam. Steam flows toward the nozzle outlet under internal pressure (0.4-1.2 bar). Escaping from the nozzle, steam compresses the electric arc. Arc compression increases arc temperature. Compressed electric arc heats the steam to ionization temperature.

The MULTIPLAZ 3500 device is unique primarily because it is cost-effective.

It can be carried to the work site in a small bag. As no compressors, transformers, gas-cylinders or other heavy equipment is required to operate the device.

Depending on the process to be performed as well as to insure exceptionally high welding quality either simple water (to cut materials) or 45-60 percent solution of any alcohol can be used as working liquid for MULTIPLAZ 3500.

Minimal power consumption is another important cost-effective factor of this machine. Using the device for one year saves a significant amount of costs on electricity as compared to using welding transformers. At the same time, high voltage (380V), (which is not always available), is not required. In on-the-field situations MULTIPLAZ 3500 also allows to save on the costs of expensive oil products needed for generators besides the savings on the costs of 4kW generator which is several times less than the price of a generator required for regular arc welding.

The crucial determinant for using MULTIPLAZ 3500 is its multiple application.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 easily cuts any known non-combustible material, (unlike gas-welding), including stainless and high-alloy steel, aluminium, titanium, brick, concrete and ceramic.

The device operates with a 220 /110V power supply and does not require a high voltage connection.

Different patterns, rulers and templates can be used along with it because of its precise cutting accuracy (up to 1mm).

The MULTIPLAZ 3500 device is a technological breakthrough in the area of ecological compatibility of metal welding, cutting, soldering and other treatments. The steam molecules that swage the plasma jet cause the agitated metal bits to fall, instantaneously cooling them and preventing them from being inhaled by the welder at the same time.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 also provides a ecologically friendly metalworking method that does not involve either combustion process itself nor combustible materials. No noxious poisonous gases like propane, acetylene, nitrogen, and etc are employed. Moreover, the atmosphere inside working space is enriched with oxygen when device is in use.

Thus, the unprecedented ecological compatibility of this plasmatron makes it possible to perform operations in enclosed spaces without ventilation like offices, premises for living, pipes, shafts, wells, tunnels, basements and etc.

All the above advantages of the MULTIPLAZ 3500 plasmatron (in comparison to existing metalworking methods) are related to three basic factors:

  • Cost-effectiveness,
  • Multiple applications,
  • Ecological compatibility.

In addition, there are more advantages:

  • Operating MULTIPLAZ 3500 does not require lighting as the flame provides effective illumination,
  • A minimal shrinkage of the welded metal is achieved due to the fact that there are no thermal strains in the subject material because of the narrow heat preparation area,
  • High quality of the weld,
  • MULTIPLAZ 3500 can operate for 24-hours / day, 365 days a year at its maximum capacity.

Areas of application
Today, this device is successfully used in operations with hyperfine car steel, in housing and communal services, construction-and-assembling and many other works.

The MULTIPLAZ 3500 device is highly efficient for pipeline, heating and central-heating systems, power supply systems, assembly and roofing maintenance; for plumbing; for the repairs of refrigerators, air-conditioners and ventilation systems.

This device is indispensable for operations performed in water trenches, underground tunnel engineering operations, assembly of all kinds of underground utility systems, for the use on board ships of any type and is also widely used in the nuclear industry, etc.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 may also be used for

  • separating gouging and hole-making, perforation, soldering, melting;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete and other materials, local heating;
  • as well as for stone-working and glass fabric preparation.
  • The device can be used to make patterns (paintings) on ceramics and concrete, ones creative ability can be realized in working with metals and non-combustive finishing materials.
  • It is also used to overcoat, modify surfaces (for cutting edges) hardening, concrete surface polishing (to reduce its hygroscopicity), to remove crud from metal structures and to protect them and to recycle waste.

Basically, due to its unique multi-functional capabilities, it is difficult to find a metalworking task in which the MULTIPLAZ 3500 device would not be of use.

MULTIPLAZ 3500 has established a new standard in the technology of metal cutting, welding and soldering.

Water is life. It imparts the blue colour of ecological purity to our planet. Using water as a power transfer source, we are working today with a technology of tomorrow.

So, fill the MULTIPLAZ 3500 with water, plug it to a 220/110V and feel the power of WATER!

Performance specification
Supply main voltage V 110/220± 10%
Line frequency Hz 50 – 60
Power consumption KW 3,5
Power supply(inverter) dimension(L*B*H) cm 38 x 19 x 14
Power supply(inverter) weight kg 8
Torch weight kg 0,9
Torch cable length m 2 (up to 11 with extensions)
Plasma flame temperature °C 8000
Welding type - plasma and plasma arc
Cut steel plate’s thickness mm up to 10
Welded steel plate’s thickness mm from 0.3
2mm steel sheet cutting speed mm/s up to 7
10 mm steel sheet cutting speed mm/s up to 1
Width of sheet steel cut mm 1.5 at most
Working fluid consumption litre/hour 0.25 at most
Time of operation with one torch filling min 20 - 30